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Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere is the key environmental issue facing Australia and the world. Carbon dioxide, primarily from the combustion of fossil fuels for energy, is the most common greenhouse gas emitted by human activities and the one causing most adverse impact on climate.

CO2CRC is Australia's premier collaborative research organisation focused on the development and application of technologies for the mitigation of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide. It is also recognised internationally as a pioneer and a leader in this field. The work of CO2CRC is supported by Australian, State and overseas governments, industry, universities and research organisations.

As one of the CO2CRC's core research participants, the University of New South Wales hosts a number of research projects related to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Research groups in the School of Petroleum Engineering and the School of Chemical Engineering carry out activities including Economic Modelling, Reservoir Engineering, Geology and Membrane Capture research.

The research examines a range of CO2 sources (including a range of power plant and industrial flue gases) and various storage facilities (including saline formations, spent natural gas fields and coal seams). Optimisation studies explore transportation routing and matching of CO2 capture sources and Australian storage sites.